Maura Murray — Turtles & Shrimp

As you are aware, I've been under significant attack from my own personal stalker or stalkers recently. I'm flattered, really. NOT!! As a result of the stalking & harassment, I've discontinued reading emails and responding to them. As well, I've discontinued commentary at this blog because my trash folder is filled to overflowing with stalking … Continue reading Maura Murray — Turtles & Shrimp

Maura Murray — The Irony, Boss, The Irony

I found an excellent article Online authored by none other than the incomparable James Renner of True Crime Addict fame. It's well-written, for the most part, but certainly written with a slant or an agenda (I did catch several typos that made it past editing, fyi). Don't get me wrong, I agree with the slant … Continue reading Maura Murray — The Irony, Boss, The Irony

Maura Murray — Serves ‘Em Right

That's what Hitler said about The Jews when he conjured his Final Solution. That's what the Nazis, Schicklgruber's faithful followers & henchmen, said about The Jews as they marched them off to prison camps and ultimately the gas showers and the crematoriums as The Good Germans turned the other cheek but secretly shared the same … Continue reading Maura Murray — Serves ‘Em Right

Maura Murray — MMM Troll Meet-Up

Attention All Trolls — especially Trolls who like to Troll Cold N. Holefield. The Missing Maura Murray podcast has opened the doors again to any and all Trolls for Episode 18: Crossing the Rubicon. It's a Party. Party Down! Below is the link in case you don't have it and were not aware that Troll … Continue reading Maura Murray — MMM Troll Meet-Up

Maura Murray — Trust, But Verify

That's how the saying goes. I don't agree with the wording. I believe it's too liberal and lenient. It should be Skeptically Consider, But Verify. But I'm not the one who makes the sayings, although I have created many at this blog thus far in the two long, or short, years of its existence. I'm … Continue reading Maura Murray — Trust, But Verify