Maura Murray — Turtles & Shrimp

As you are aware, I've been under significant attack from my own personal stalker or stalkers recently. I'm flattered, really. NOT!! As a result of the stalking & harassment, I've discontinued reading emails and responding to them. As well, I've discontinued commentary at this blog because my trash folder is filled to overflowing with stalking … Continue reading Maura Murray — Turtles & Shrimp

Maura Murray — Sanity

We need to have this discussion — a discussion about Sanity. It's important because, as of late, I have been described as Insane, so it behooves me to introspect and determine if the charge has any merit. Here's the official definition of Sanity. Who created this word? Who fit this particular word to this particular … Continue reading Maura Murray — Sanity