Maura Murray — Abducted By Aliens?

I'm seriously thinking this may be the answer to the Maura Murray Mystery. It's the only explanation that fits at this point. For those of you who have been following my coverage of the mystery surrounding Maura Murray's disappearance, you may have noticed I have removed all 53 of my blog posts (well, 52 authored … Continue reading Maura Murray — Abducted By Aliens?

Maura Murray — 44 06’10.0″ N 71 27’29.0″ W

I'm going up the North Country. Where the water tastes like blood (versus wine). Or so it seems. A not-so-well-hidden secret. I'll be out-of-commission and transmission the next week or so because I'll be on a mission. Mission Impossible? Maybe. We'll see. I'm heading to the vaunted & haunted coordinates, and I'm bringing a stack … Continue reading Maura Murray — 44 06’10.0″ N 71 27’29.0″ W

Maura Murray — Pull It

It's been an interesting couple weeks, to say the least, since the Missing Maura Murray podcast dropped its latest episode, Episode 18: Crossing the Rubicon. Judging by the following up-to-date iTunes stats, it appears the episode is a huge hit. It has achieved full bars on popularity — something that can be said for only … Continue reading Maura Murray — Pull It

Maura Murray — Troll, Maura Murray, Or Something Else?

This blog received the comment above early this morning. I immediately forwarded it to the MSP (Massachusetts State Police) and strongly urged them to speak with WordPress about tracking back the IP. It reads: "Have you ever stopped to consider that I am alive and I want to be found?" If it's a troll, this … Continue reading Maura Murray — Troll, Maura Murray, Or Something Else?

Maura Murray — Stages Of Grief

It's been nearly a week since the poll associated with my Crossing The Rubicon blog post here has been available. The pattern of responses is pretty much set at this point. My experience is that a pattern establishes early in the first couple days and that pattern remains for the life of the poll. I'm … Continue reading Maura Murray — Stages Of Grief

Maura Murray — Crossing The Rubicon

This post will serve as a repository for any commentary related to my recent interview with Tim & Lance of the Missing Maura Murray podcast. The latest Episode 18: Crossing the Rubicon containing the interview can be found at the following links. iTunes Stitcher Podomatic YouTube This space is an alternative for the more discriminating … Continue reading Maura Murray — Crossing The Rubicon

Maura Murray — Where Do We Go Now?

Well? What's the answer. To whom should we direct the question? Maybe direct it to Maura? Good idea. Let's do it. Through the lyrics and rhythm (had to look up the spelling of it, I confess) of yet another blast-from-the-past cheesy band, Guns N' Roses (listen to the entire song if you like, but the … Continue reading Maura Murray — Where Do We Go Now?