Maura Murray — The National Security State

Did the National Security State abduct Maura Murray, or is her disappearance related to the National Security State in any way, meaning she works for it in a permanent undercover capacity or she was extinguished by it because she knew too much about one of its programs and that's why she had the shocked look … Continue reading Maura Murray — The National Security State

Maura Murray — Psychopaths

FYI, this topic will be part of my book that I am currently writing — True Crime, Inc. discussed in the blog post at this link. In fact, it will be the title of one of the chapters. Our Society, if it wasn't and isn't already insane, is catapulting exponentially into pure, unadulterated Collective Psychopathology and the … Continue reading Maura Murray — Psychopaths

Maura Murray — The Challenge

I will try to keep this post concise and to the point and yet explain everything thoroughly enough so the more dimwitted amongst us don't get lost entirely. For at least a month now, maybe longer, I have been tossing around the idea or notion of this thing I'm now labeling The Challenge, so I … Continue reading Maura Murray — The Challenge

Maura Murray — Gladio To Meet You

When you approach even a semblance of The Truth, if there is such a thing, you will inevitably experience a great deal of Resistance & Blowback. As we have seen with my Journey into the Heart of Darkness that is the Maura Murray Mystery, I have been under assault for almost the entirety of my … Continue reading Maura Murray — Gladio To Meet You

Maura Murray — Serves ‘Em Right

That's what Hitler said about The Jews when he conjured his Final Solution. That's what the Nazis, Schicklgruber's faithful followers & henchmen, said about The Jews as they marched them off to prison camps and ultimately the gas showers and the crematoriums as The Good Germans turned the other cheek but secretly shared the same … Continue reading Maura Murray — Serves ‘Em Right

Maura Murray — Ben

For those of you who were worried about me because of my four day absence, all zero of you, I was on an extremely important mission in Texas. It was a matter of National Security. That's all I can say about it, except to say, Mission Accomplished. Your assignment, Class, if you're up to it, … Continue reading Maura Murray — Ben

Maura Murray — Anonymous

I will state for the record that I think this Anonymous outfit  is/are scum. It, and those who comprise it, is/are no better than the NSA or the FBI or the CIA. Why? Because what it/they does/do is destructive to free speech and expression. It's a threat. Look at its logo and motto. It's an … Continue reading Maura Murray — Anonymous