Maura Murray — Horseshit

Oxygen Network has announced recently it will be producing a series about Maura Murray’s disappearance. Here’s a trailer and a link to an article discussing it.

Oxygen Expands Crime Programming Slate With Projects From Ice-T, Nancy Grace & More

Sonia Slutsky? For Real? Get The Fuck Out Of Here. No Way. I Bet That Name Gives The Bevy Of Men Obsessed With This Case A Stiff One. Afterall, That’s Why So Many Men Are Interested In It, Right? What Else Could It Be Since Men Are Motivated First & Foremost By Their Dicks?


This is a Fucking Joke. An Exploitation. These morons from Texas Crew Productions won’t approach anything resembling The Truth. In fact, from the looks of it, they’re interviewing all The Usual Suspects. They’re interviewing the people responsible, collectively, for creating the huge Smokescreen in this case that is a case like no other.

FYI, to all you Newcomers looking into this for the first time — BEWARE. It’s a Black Hole replete with Psychotics of every Stripe. I believe their obfuscation is purposeful and Oxygen, instead of cutting to the quick, is instead amplifying the Smokescreen. The answer to this Mystery requires answering the question; Why is there a Smokescreen?

I advise you stay away from Reddit, for those who post there and discuss this case are Fucking Insane. They’re Stalkers and some of them are perhaps even Murderers. They’re Dangerous & Disturbed People. Deplorables.

It’s why I stepped out of this a year prior. It’s an Unhealthy Endeavor that can only harm further, not help. The Old Egregore surrounding & enveloping this case is very powerful and very destructive. It will swallow you up if you’re not aware.