Maura Murray — Does Oprah Winfrey Encourage & Support Rape?

In the last blog post it was revealed, for those who don’t already know, that Oxygen is producing a show that will air this Fall about The Maura Murray Mystery. As I mentioned in that blog post, all The Usual Suspects were interviewed, or at least that appears to be the case from reviewing the Trailer.

Oxygen is owned by Oprah Winfrey. When someone owns something, to me at least if not legally, they are responsible for ALL of it regardless of what comprises that ALL. Here’s a screen shot from the Trailer. This individual harassed me and my family for nearly a year or more. He stalked us and threatened us relentlessly. He intimated in one comment he posted to my blog that he was ogling my wife & daiughter at the beach, going so far as to tell me he was staring at them and how sexy they looked in their bikinis in Max Cady fashion. Only a Rapist would do such a thing. A Psycho.

And yet that doesn’t mean a thing to the Fine Folks at Oxygen & Texas Crew Productions. Did they even properly vet those who they were interviewing? They gave this Creepy Rapist legitimacy. I’m sorry, but anyone who does what this Creep did, who says what this Creep said, is a Rapist in Spirit if not in Deed, and to me, Spirit & Deed are pretty much the same because both speak to your character, and this Creep has NO CHARACTER.

Nice, Oprah. By virtue of you giving this Crumb Bum an audience and thus legitimating his past words & actions, I know the answer to the question that is the title of this blog post. You, Oprah, are a Lowly Liberal Hypocrite. Out of one side of your mouth you excoriate Crimes Against Women and out of the other side of your mouth you lend Legitimacy to those who, in Spirit & perhaps Deed, enable & support & threaten Crimes Against Women.

It’s A Small World, Isn’t It Folks? Only One Degree Of Separation From Barack Obama & The Cretin. Perfect Company. It Says A Lot About All Of Them. What Does It Say? It’s All Lies — That’s What It Says.

There are so few honest people of character who live their lives according to principles, and this is yet one more example that proves it.

If you’re reading this, Oprah, or the Fine Folks at Texas Crew Productions, feel free to contact me and I will avail you of the harassment & stalking. I’ve saved all of it for posterity for I knew, and know, one day it will be EXTREMELY useful. But something tells me you’re not interested, and for that reason, you simply have ZERO CREDIBILITY. I won’t be watching the show, FYI. I’m well beyond your level of understanding. Your show is regressive as well as exploitative.