Maura Murray — The Dark Heart

His warning wasn’t heeded. Here we are — living under the auspices of a not-so-clandestine Military Dictatorship pretending to be a Democratic Republic.

As I promised in the last post, I’ve typed up a blog post at Catcher In The Lie that further details Google‘s nexus with The National Security State and The Military Industrial Complex. Here’s the link.

Be Evil

I’ve given Google two months now to list this blog, but as the following screen shot shows, a search on the name Maura Murray doesn’t pull up this blog even though it’s the name of the blog. This necessarily means Google is purposely filtering this blog from search results, so it’s official validation of censorship. The blog post linked to above reveals why, I believe. This goes much deeper than most are capable of comprehending, let alone believing.



Here’s a quiz for you. To which prominent & prolific Screen Name does the following resume belong (I have the person’s photo too and I’m considering forwarding the evidence I’ve accumulated concerning this person’s behavior related to this case to their spouse and children so they can compare the online personality to the offline personality and determine if they’re living with a psychopath or not)? What is it about this case? Why is The National Security State and The Military Industrial Complex so concerned and actively involved?



2 thoughts on “Maura Murray — The Dark Heart

  1. Hello Oregon. So tell me, what have you found so far? What is it you’re looking for? Can I help you in your search? Just ask, I’m here to help. Really, I am. Because I know how sincere you are in your efforts to solve the mystery of Maura Murray’s disappearance. Why else would you search this blog for the term “cornholio?” Too funny.

    • So many Bermuda Triangles, so little time. It’s an oddly shaped triangle, this one, for sure. Place a dot in the center of New Hampshire, another dot in the center of Connecticut and yet another dot on the coast of Oregon and connect them. It forms a triangle and that triangle is a Black Hole of purposeful obfuscation. But why? Why would certain people want to purposefully obfuscate the investigation of this case? That’s The Million Dollar Question, and if you don’t even ask it, you’ll never solve this mystery.

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