Maura Murray — The National Security State


Did the National Security State abduct Maura Murray, or is her disappearance related to the National Security State in any way, meaning she works for it in a permanent undercover capacity or she was extinguished by it because she knew too much about one of its programs and that’s why she had the shocked look on her face when she took that call that night and then fled to the White Mountains shortly thereafter?

They’re intriguing questions that need to be asked, considered and answered, if possible. Because the National Security State sure seems to have a bizarre interest in this case. Ever since I started covering it I have had numerous hits at my Catcher In The Lie blog from NASA and the Department of Defense to include the Navy Information Operations Command (NIOC). As well, I get regular visits from Google in Mountain View, California (my IP Tracking Program filters out Crawlers & Bots). At my Catcher In The Lie blog I will be putting up a blog post within the week that will reveal Google is, for all intents & purposes, the National Security State, meaning, its purpose is Total Information Awareness & Dissemination and Perception Management on a massive scale. It will go a long way in explaining why you will never see this blog as a search result when you use Google‘s search engine to search on the name Maura Murray, and it explains why my other blog, Catcher In The Lie, doesn’t list as a result when you search on the name Maura Murray.

Why would Google go to such lengths to censor my exploratory narrative? Considering the Google Executive Offices are permeated with Totalitarian Assholes who have worked in, and for, the National Security State (DARPA, NSA, NASA, CIA, etc., etc.), why would they have any interest in managing perceptions related to the disappearance of Maura Murray by quite literally choosing what you get to read about it on The Net?

That’s The Million Dollar Question and it would explain what went down in Lincoln that weekend if it wasn’t a hoax, and it would also explain the shit I’ve been experiencing both online and offline since delving into this case. Maura Murray may be alive, and if this theory is correct, it means if she is, she’s in the employ of The Deep State. If that’s true, and I’m not saying it is, I’d like to say FUCK YOU to Maura Murray and all her Scumbag Colleagues, and if it’s true she was extinguished because she stumbled upon something she never should have known, I would like to say FUCK YOU to The Deep State Scumbags responsible for it who are also more than likely the ones responsible for harassing, stalking and threatening those, the few of us who aren’t purposeful misdirectors & obfuscators, who dig too deep into this case.

In the meantime, say hello to my good friend Google checking in every day to make sure the filter’s working properly so this blog and Catcher In The Lie never get read, or at least not read by a substantial number of people.





7 thoughts on “Maura Murray — The National Security State

  1. Considering the content of this blog post, to provide further illustration, here’s Julie Murray’s (Maura’s sister) resume. She’s currently an “Executive Officer” with the DoD and her past experience includes Booz Allen Hamilton. For those who aren’t aware but should be, Booz Allen Hamilton are spies as Edward Snowden revealed — spies who spy on Ordinary Citizens for no good reason except they can and they wholeheartedly believe in Full Spectrum Dominance as though it’s a Religion.

  2. Interesting. Telling. Validating. Someone found this blog, for the first time, using a Search Engine. No, the Search Engine wasn’t Google. It was Yahoo. But when I use the Yahoo Search Engine and type in the name Maura Murray, this blog is not represented, so I’m not sure how this person was able to find this blog by doing the same. However, I did find my Catcher In The Lie blog listed as a result on the third page which is much more than can be said for Google. More proof that Google is precluding Catcher In The Lie from results for searches on the name Maura Murray. What a bunch of Scumbags!!

    Here’s Page 3 of the Yahoo Search Engine results for the search term Maura Murray.

  3. I ran an experiment and tested the Bing Search Engine. As the following Screen Capture reveals, like Yahoo and unlike Google, Bing, when searching on the name Maura Murray, returns Catcher In The Lie as a result on Page 3. More circumstantial evidence underscoring the highly plausible theory Google is precluding Catcher In The Lie from search results for the name Maura Murray.

    As well, how can any of these Search Engines differentiate themselves if the nucleus of their Algorithm is designed to, for any search term, return sites with the most hits? Is information a Popularity Contest? I think so, at least according to the uncreative minds who/that develop the Algorithms for these Search Engines. They’re basically all the same and they do not provide you with a diversity of content and views. It doesn’t matter which one you use, your perception is being managed in precisely the same manner because we are all subjected to the same narrow, myopic set of results. That’s lousy, and that’s why we need more, and better, alternative Search EnginesSearch Engines that leave out the more popular, mind-numbing & mind-destroying bullshit in favor of intelligence & diversity. Anyone game for developing that alternative Search Engine? I didn’t think so.

    As well, here’s another Screen Capture revealing my friend Google making its daily visit to ensure the filter is working as intended. Isn’t it reassuring to know you’re in such safe & secure hands? Google doesn’t want your mind to be poisoned with heresy. It is your Shepherd and you are its Flock.

    Faster, You Dirty Dogs, Podcast Fans Need Their Meal Kits Now!! Chop Chop!!

  4. For those of you who are not aware, here’s Cecil Smith’s resume. Take note that he had a distinguished career in Army Intelligence, so he was an Intelligence Officer. It may mean nothing, or it may mean something. All cards are on the table considering what I’ve mentioned in this blog post. Of special note, I reached out to Cecil Smith via telephone a couple of months ago to verify that a certain someone had contacted him as they claimed they had, and he refused to answer my calls. At least The Westman’s had the decency, and bravery, to talk to me.

    If The Deep State abducted & extinguished Maura Murray that night, meaning they chased her down in the middle of nowhere in New Hampshire, perhaps they needed some local help to accomplish it, and, what do you know, they have a former Army Intelligence Officer (I’m of the mindset that once you’re in Intelligence, you’re always in Intelligence, meaning, you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave) in the area. Think about Bill Rausch’s frantic phone calls that night trying to contact Maura. Considering his background, was he frantically trying to contact her because The Deep State approached him and requested he cooperate and ordered him to try and “bring her in?”

    I don’t know. Maybe. Maybe not. Most likely not, but You Never Know. When I first delved into this case, I would have given such a notion zero probability. Now, considering everything I’ve experienced since delving into this mystery, the probability is substantially higher than zero. There has to be an explanation as to why The Deep State is so interested in managing perceptions related to this otherwise obscure case. We know they’re busy people fighting the pesky Russian Hackers, so considering that, why would they take time out of their busy schedules to harass me and a select few others who have gone too deep and too close in this case?

  5. So, for those considering a career with the NSA or any Alphabet Agency, here’s the answer to the following question:

    Why shouldn’t I work for the NSA?

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. Perfect. And yeah, I can’t stand Matt Damon any longer, but he was great in this role and as Jason Bourne.

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