Maura Murray — Turtles & Shrimp


As you are aware, I’ve been under significant attack from my own personal stalker or stalkers recently. I’m flattered, really. NOT!! As a result of the stalking & harassment, I’ve discontinued reading emails and responding to them. As well, I’ve discontinued commentary at this blog because my trash folder is filled to overflowing with stalking & harassing comments from what seems to be an Army of Trolls. And now, I’ve had to “protect” the Twitter account I’ve recently created to replace the two that were hacked & suspended. It’s a concerted effort to bully me off The Net, and unfortunately, at this point, this stalking, harassing & threatening has breached the barrier of The Net and now affects me and my family in The Real World (the two Worlds are increasingly, and most unfortunately, becoming One World).

I want to apologize to all of you decent people out there, very few of you admittedly, who read me regularly and are affected by this. Think of yourself as a turtle caught in a shrimp net. It’s not my intent for you to be affected by any of this, but it is the intent of the stalking & harassing Trolls. Their goal is to isolate me and drive me off The Net. To the best of my ability, I’m not going to let that happen. But for now, this is what I have to do to keep these Freaks at bay. Please, don’t blame me — blame the Freaks and help me do something about it. And no, shutting up is not doing something about it — instead, it’s capitulating & acquiescing to the harassing & stalking by the Trolls. That’s what it/they want.

'Hey buddy, want to race me?'

Once again, take note, the Major Players surrounding the Maura Murray Mystery are unscathed by this. That list includes Tim Pilleri, Lance Reenstierna and James Renner. This Troll, or these Trolls, have not created one fake Twitter account to harass, stalk & threaten any of those three. So, the harassment and stalking is specifically targeted. Cui Bono? I think you know the answer. It’s as low as low can get. It’s cowardly. It’s unimaginative. It’s uncreative. It’s thoughtless. It’s sadistic. It’s cruel. And it’s been the experience of quite a few people I have spoken with Behind the Scenes in email & direct messaging on Twitter, some of whom have also informed the NHCCU and yet no action has been taken by that crime unit or New Hampshire LE in general. Whatever, or whoever, is responsible is absolutely psychotic and brazen beyond belief — it’s acting as though it is beyond reproach and has immunity to stalk, harass & threaten with impunity.

To wrap this short blog post up so I can get back to writing the preface to True Crime, Inc., I give you this Tweet. I agree with this. I firmly believe that of all the active voices surrounding the Maura Murray Mystery, at least 90% are Trolls and those who aren’t are pummeled mercilessly. Who’s not a Troll in the Maura Murray Mystery? The ones being harassed, stalked & threatened. Who is a Troll in the Maura Murray Mystery? The ones doing the harassing, stalking & threatening and those who are immune from it and unscathed by it. In a general sense, this disturbing predicament will be covered in the book I’m writing. Talk about dystopian — if this trend continues, this World will quickly become unbearable and it’s not something that can be stopped THEN. It has to be stopped NOW while it’s still developing, because once it matures to full form, it will be too late.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 6.37.12 AM

And finally, before I post this, I’ll leave you with one last taste from the About The Author section of True Crime, Inc.. Even if I only sell one copy, it will still be a huge success. It has to be written. It MUST be written. It IS being written. For posterity, if nothing else.

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