Maura Murray — August Sun In July

FYI, I made the title up from scratch. It’s Organic. Nothing inspired me except the words themselves clamoring to be articulated.

In case I haven’t told you already, generally speaking with very few exceptions, Saturday Night is Movie Night at our Humble Abode. Pursuant to that, I wanted to inform you I’ve seen quite a few decent movies and/or series lately that I thought I would share with you. Because I’m that kind of person. So without further delay and adieu, here are several I think you might like. And if you don’t like them, too bad, I’ve disabled commenting at my blog and I’m no longer checking emails, so I’ll never know. Isn’t it wonderful how that works? I think it is. Since no one can be trusted Online, what use is there communicating with disingenuous Freaks who cannot for the life of them be real?

The first offering is an excellent thriller entitled I, Anna starring Charlotte Rampling and Gabriel Byrne. I won’t give the entire plot away or even a substantial part of the plot. Let’s just say it’s pertinent to the Maura Murray Mystery and The Genius of the Crowd that’s surrounded it. It deals with the issue of a damaged person. How a damaged person becomes a lighting rod for not only attracting more danger and damage, but also for enabling the damaging of others. It describes a number of people I’ve encountered in the Maura Murray case thus far. It’s not surprising when you accept The Social Fact engenders such behavior, so Art, imitating Life, will reflect this very basic & transparent observation as is witnessed with this excellent movie. Here’s a clip for your edification.


The second offering is a cute Argentinian movie entitled Corazón De León (Heart of a Lion). This movie has such Italian style & temperament, it may as well be Italian, and as we know, many Italians migrated to Argentina, so no doubt the influence of Italian culture has made its way into Argentinian Cinema, and this movie proves it, imo.

It’s about perceptions and perspectives and how they can create conflict when one part of you wants to make a break from Conventional Thinking via The Social Fact and the other part of you, being the Social Animal you are, doesn’t want to be ostracized by the greater Society at large. Precisely what we see going on with The Genius of the Crowd and the Maura Murray Mystery. Very few are willing to alter, or are even capable of altering, the perceptions and perspectives that have been foisted upon them, and entrained in them, by the mechanism known as The Social Fact. Not even watching a movie like this and its most basic and obvious message will influence their recalcitrance.

Here’s a clip to pique your interest if that explanation hasn’t already.

Finally, and I’d be remiss to leave this out, the excellent HBO Original Series, The Night Of starring, notably, Riz Ahmed (Nightcrawler) and John Turturro. This is a Masterpiece so far. I hope the Director doesn’t let me down because the bar that is my expectation has been set ridiculously high.

A noteworthy and applicable scene, as far as the Maura Murray Mystery is concerned, is from Episode 1 when the reputable, feared, grizzled NYPD veteran detective, Dennis Box, arrives on the scene of the crime and he’s professionally taking charge. A rather enthusiastic bystander (J.D. Williams from The Wire fame as the memorable character Preston “Bodie” Broadus) interjects to put a bug in Box’s ear, and immediately, Box’s hackles are raised and he’s suspicious of this interloper and promptly begins to turn the tables on the potential witness and/or manipulator. Box has keen instincts and is aware he’s quite possibly being manipulated and taken for a fool so he shakes Trevor’s tree to see what falls out. Nothing has yet, and there’s no promise anything will. But the detective was skilled enough to consider that someone who zealously interjects themselves into a case early on just may have something to hide. That perhaps there’s some culpability. If only the investigators in the Maura Murray case had the Subtle Beast’s instincts and motivation. If only. Famous last words.

Anyway, here’s a clip to titillate your taste buds. You really must watch this series.