Maura Murray — True Crime, Inc.


I think it’s time to write that book. If there are any publishers reading this, please drop a comment and let me know if you’re interested. Surely if these Jackasses can find backing & funding for the crap they’re proffering related to the Maura Murray case, I can find suitable backing for a book, and maybe even a podcast to accompany it, that provides an in depth analysis of the exploitation versus joining in on the Gang Bang of True Crime Exploitation. The following is the title, and following that is a brief explanation and a poll. Let me know what you think.

True Crime, Inc.
Build IT and IT will come — A Frightening Foray into the Malappropriate Merger of Pop Culture/Entertainment and Criminology.

A commenter to the previous blog post entitled The Challenge prompted me to finally commit to articulating what I’ve been considering for several months now, maybe longer. Here’s his comment and my reply which underscores the thesis of the proposed book. You’ll need to read the previous blog post to understand the context, but the salient point, or points, should be decipherable either way.

ghost0910 said: Just like when he sent them the penny pic. Played them like a fiddle

What’s most telling about the recent Festivities in Lincoln is that there were no threats this time around. I suppose that story can change now that I’m exposing the contradiction, but at this point it would be even more obvious than all of it is already. How come they weren’t threatened this time around? Don’t forget, I was laughably (tragic comedy) considered a suspect then. But never YOU KNOW WHO. The two professors, imo, are engaging in malpractice for lending their support to these dangerous criminological patterns.

This is the problem with what I call True Crime, Inc. Psychotic murderers become celebrities and people, soon enough, will line up to be their next victims because being a victim will also be a form of Celebrity. It’s a known fact, for example, that celebrities in Hollywood like to cozy up to Bad Guys because it gives them a certain Edge they’re naturally lacking. Actors, decent ones at least, explore and penetrate psychical boundaries, but some boundaries weren’t meant to be explored or penetrated. Some boundaries are there to protect the unwitting, and even the witting, from psychical Chernobyls.

Here’s what’s sprouting before our very eyes. All the organic, naturally occurring Crime, as material and/or fodder for the myriad of movies, shows, podcasts and books soon enough dries up and since True Crime is now an industry that must be fed, the Crime part of it must be fabricated to keep feeding the Burgeoning Beast — the equivalent of uber-toxic fertilizers, pesticides and GMO applied to Big Agriculture, Inc..

We’re seeing the very beginning of it right now, but I assure you in twenty years, thirty max, this will be the standard but because it’s happening pragmatically and incrementally the population doesn’t notice the phenomenon. The population slowly but surely becomes inured to the heinousness of such a thing. Ray Bradbury, in his Heyday before he contracted Terminal Conventional Sensibility, would agree.

If I wrote a book about this, would any of you buy it?

That question at the end is a serious one. Would you buy the book if I wrote it? It’s not about the Maura Murray case per se, although my experiences related to delving into the Maura Murray case will serve, partially at least, as inspiration and exhibition. This book will not be exploitation, but rather about exploitation.

Well, what do you say? Would you buy it if I wrote it, or would you rather I wrote a book about my fond memories of Topless Bars & Lap Dances?

Please record your answer by participating in the poll below. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

FYI, another reason I’ve created a blog post for this is to get it on record as an official blog post so The World will know it’s my idea. By doing so, I’m hoping to prevent someone from stealing it and making it their own and to mitigate, or preclude altogether, plagiarism.