Maura Murray — The Irony, Boss, The Irony

I found an excellent article Online authored by none other than the incomparable James Renner of True Crime Addict fame. It's well-written, for the most part, but certainly written with a slant or an agenda (I did catch several typos that made it past editing, fyi). Don't get me wrong, I agree with the slant … Continue reading Maura Murray — The Irony, Boss, The Irony

Maura Murray — August Sun In July

FYI, I made the title up from scratch. It's Organic. Nothing inspired me except the words themselves clamoring to be articulated. In case I haven't told you already, generally speaking with very few exceptions, Saturday Night is Movie Night at our Humble Abode. Pursuant to that, I wanted to inform you I've seen quite a … Continue reading Maura Murray — August Sun In July

Maura Murray — True Crime, Inc.

I think it's time to write that book. If there are any publishers reading this, please drop a comment and let me know if you're interested. Surely if these Jackasses can find backing & funding for the crap they're proffering related to the Maura Murray case, I can find suitable backing for a book, and … Continue reading Maura Murray — True Crime, Inc.

Maura Murray — The Challenge

I will try to keep this post concise and to the point and yet explain everything thoroughly enough so the more dimwitted amongst us don't get lost entirely. For at least a month now, maybe longer, I have been tossing around the idea or notion of this thing I'm now labeling The Challenge, so I … Continue reading Maura Murray — The Challenge

Maura Murray — Spotlight

Have you ever had a Molestation Moment? No doubt many people have. In fact, more people have than we'd ever care to admit. I've had one such Moment. Just one. Thankfully. It was just a Moment, and Praise Allah the molestation didn't happen, but it could have with a more vulnerable person who didn't resist. … Continue reading Maura Murray — Spotlight