Maura Murray — True Crime Freaks

It's an appropriate title, don't you think? The world as we knew it is disintegrating before our very eyes, but bizarrely and concomitantly, the obsessive interest in True Crime is at epidemic proportions. It's a burgeoning genre for all communication mediums, but most especially, True Crime is Entertainment. It's Pop Culture. ID TV, anyone? It's … Continue reading Maura Murray — True Crime Freaks

Maura Murray — Gladio To Meet You

When you approach even a semblance of The Truth, if there is such a thing, you will inevitably experience a great deal of Resistance & Blowback. As we have seen with my Journey into the Heart of Darkness that is the Maura Murray Mystery, I have been under assault for almost the entirety of my … Continue reading Maura Murray — Gladio To Meet You