Maura Murray — Discuss & Analyze

This blog post is an offer to Discuss & Analyze, or keelhaul if you like, the latest information emanating from the ones who shall not be named or mentioned. I don't read its blog or listen to its podcast, but I do want you to have a Free Zone to discuss the material where The Genius … Continue reading Maura Murray — Discuss & Analyze

Maura Murray — Ben

For those of you who were worried about me because of my four day absence, all zero of you, I was on an extremely important mission in Texas. It was a matter of National Security. That's all I can say about it, except to say, Mission Accomplished. Your assignment, Class, if you're up to it, … Continue reading Maura Murray — Ben

Maura Murray — Call Me

I remember back in my early college days, one summer in particular, I was having a tough time finding a suitable summer job. I wanted to try something different, but the problem was, there wasn’t much different. Every day for two weeks after school let out I would scan the Help Wanted ads looking for … Continue reading Maura Murray — Call Me

Maura Murray — Weird

You know what's Weird? Grown men, and grown women because the female perspective shouldn't be overlooked don't you know, obsessing over the disappearance of a female coed who's been missing for twelve years. And I'm not talking about a casual interest in a mystery story here, I'm talking about the truly obsessed to the point … Continue reading Maura Murray — Weird

Maura Murray — Terse Ratched

Blog stats. Surpassed 100,000 views. 34,000 visitors. Love. Power of it. Feel it. Amazed. Verklempt. Who would have thought? Not me. Not you. Next stop? 1,000,000 views. 100,000 visitors. Gratitude. To Maura. To Hae. To Adnan. To Q. Shtik. To Kunstler. To Putin. To the FSB. To the CIA. To the NSA. To the FBI. … Continue reading Maura Murray — Terse Ratched

Maura Murray — A New Beginning

It's time to jettison the dead weight that's been obfuscating the Maura Murray Mystery for far too long. This blog, thus far, has done an excellent job of trying to clear the fog, and it's done so by providing a venue where people can properly focus on the most likely cause of Maura Murray's vanishing … Continue reading Maura Murray — A New Beginning

Maura Murray — A Penny For Your Thoughts

Yes! It's finally arrived — the long-awaited Penny Pic blog post I've been promising for weeks now. Sorry it took so long. There were more pressing matters, but now this matter is pressing, so, I'm pressing back. For those of you who aren't aware of what this is all about, please listen to the following … Continue reading Maura Murray — A Penny For Your Thoughts