Maura Murray — Not Fidel

If you recollect, I mentioned in the Skeptically Consider, But Verify blog post here that I had a conversation with Chief Paul Smith of the Littleton Police Department about The Wolfman's touted professional experience. I was verifying The Wolfman's claims — that were vouched for and endorsed by one Chris Fowler and Carmela P. Soprano … Continue reading Maura Murray — Not Fidel

Maura Murray — Anonymous

I will state for the record that I think this Anonymous outfit  is/are scum. It, and those who comprise it, is/are no better than the NSA or the FBI or the CIA. Why? Because what it/they does/do is destructive to free speech and expression. It's a threat. Look at its logo and motto. It's an … Continue reading Maura Murray — Anonymous

Maura Murray — Skeptically Consider, But Verify

This is an addendum to the Trust, But Verify blog post here. I'm putting it up to show you that I'm living up to this principle. Everyone should who is actively investigating this case, and I want to be transparent about my verification process and my findings. A couple of months ago, an individual with … Continue reading Maura Murray — Skeptically Consider, But Verify

Maura Murray — “Witness A” — Come On Down!

I mean it. Enough of this bullshit. It's time for this mysterious "Witness A" to Come On Down and be the next contestant on the Maura Murray Mystery (versus The Price Is Right). This "Alex" character, who arrived out of nowhere endeavoring to provide legitimacy to the "Witness A" claim via anecdotal accounting, which is … Continue reading Maura Murray — “Witness A” — Come On Down!

Maura Murray — It’s A C-e-l-e-b-r-a-t-i-o-n!!!!!

As of last week, this blog has been viewed over 4 million times since it was launched on the evening of February 9th, 2004. Thank you to all the Constant Gardeners as well as the new & old braindead Fans of the Maura Murray Mystery who have nothing better to do than De-Lite and revel … Continue reading Maura Murray — It’s A C-e-l-e-b-r-a-t-i-o-n!!!!!

Maura Murray — On The Rag

This blog post is a follow-up to the Ragged Out blog post here. It's clear enough to me now, and hopefully to you as well, that Fred Murray will not be publicly verifying any of the remaining claims. As I mentioned in that blog post, or in the comments to it, all claims as they … Continue reading Maura Murray — On The Rag

Maura Murray — Told You So

I hated to say it. Okay, no I didn't. And I don't. It needed to be said. And I'm just the one to say it. Right? Right. It's the least you deserve for rubbing my face in it, so a Told You So is letting you off easy. You deserve much worse for your childish … Continue reading Maura Murray — Told You So