Maura Murray — Trust, But Verify

That's how the saying goes. I don't agree with the wording. I believe it's too liberal and lenient. It should be Skeptically Consider, But Verify. But I'm not the one who makes the sayings, although I have created many at this blog thus far in the two long, or short, years of its existence. I'm … Continue reading Maura Murray — Trust, But Verify

Maura Murray — 44 06’10.0″ N 71 27’29.0″ W

I'm going up the North Country. Where the water tastes like blood (versus wine). Or so it seems. A not-so-well-hidden secret. I'll be out-of-commission and transmission the next week or so because I'll be on a mission. Mission Impossible? Maybe. We'll see. I'm heading to the vaunted & haunted coordinates, and I'm bringing a stack … Continue reading Maura Murray — 44 06’10.0″ N 71 27’29.0″ W

Maura Murray — Oh, Hell No!

Do you remember this guy? Probably, many of you don't, or at least a significant percentage of you don't. It's Inspector Lewis Erskine played by the actor Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. from the early '70's hit TV series, The FBI, that ran from 1965 -1973. I watched this show religiously way back when, and it persuaded … Continue reading Maura Murray — Oh, Hell No!

Maura Murray — The Curious Case Of Tommy Conrad

Actually, I could have also titled this blog post Good Cops, Bad Cops because it's as much about that as it is about Tommy Conrad, meaning it's all connected, or so it seems, in relation to the Maura Murray case and perhaps many other cases in Northern New Hampshire. Afterall, the NHSP have more Cold … Continue reading Maura Murray — The Curious Case Of Tommy Conrad

Maura Murray — Domino’s Pizza Delivers

For those who missed it, a commentator by the name of "Yuri" posted an excellent comment in the blog post previous to this one entitled Pull It here. I am reposting that comment into this blog post as well as my response to it because it serves as the basis for what comes next. Some … Continue reading Maura Murray — Domino’s Pizza Delivers

Maura Murray — Pull It

It's been an interesting couple weeks, to say the least, since the Missing Maura Murray podcast dropped its latest episode, Episode 18: Crossing the Rubicon. Judging by the following up-to-date iTunes stats, it appears the episode is a huge hit. It has achieved full bars on popularity — something that can be said for only … Continue reading Maura Murray — Pull It

Maura Murray — Not On That Road, Not At That Time

The following is a guest post by Joe M, a recent and appreciated commentator to this blog. It's an expanded rebuttal to James Renner's recent blog post entitled Maura Was Not Abducted By A Random Killer — Here's Why here. There never was any joy in Rennerville, at least for those who made well-reasoned comments in … Continue reading Maura Murray — Not On That Road, Not At That Time