Maura Murray — AHO AHO AHO!!!!!

Think of this as a sort of early Christmas blog post. Alden Howes Olson has weighed in and given his opinion about Missing Maura Murray podcast's latest offering, Episode 18: Crossing the Rubicon. I'm including it in a separate blog post because Alden's opinion is important to me. He's a great writer and a brilliant … Continue reading Maura Murray — AHO AHO AHO!!!!!

Maura Murray — Crossing The Rubicon

This post will serve as a repository for any commentary related to my recent interview with Tim & Lance of the Missing Maura Murray podcast. The latest Episode 18: Crossing the Rubicon containing the interview can be found at the following links. iTunes Stitcher Podomatic YouTube This space is an alternative for the more discriminating … Continue reading Maura Murray — Crossing The Rubicon

Maura Murray — Blood Diamonds

Can anonymous sources be trusted? It's an important question — equally as important as the question of whether or not offering rewards yields positive leads in criminal cases and missing person cases. As we all know, or you should know if you've been following this case closely, James Renner, in a recent blog post here, … Continue reading Maura Murray — Blood Diamonds

Maura Murray — I Cannot Tell A Lie

Well, that's not exactly true. In fact, it's a lie. What's closer to the Truth, even though there may be no Truth, is that I cannot tell a lie and not tell you I told a lie. With that said, I'm telling you now I told a lie. I chopped that cherry tree down just … Continue reading Maura Murray — I Cannot Tell A Lie

Maura Murray — Stockdale Syndrome

I truly get sick & tired of this shit and this is why I say Reddit is nothing but scummy, lousy, cowardly trolls who steal ideas from elsewhere and then use those ideas as their own Strawmen and Red Herrings back at their evil subreddit lairs. The following is a screen print of a reply … Continue reading Maura Murray — Stockdale Syndrome

Maura Murray — Where Do We Go Now?

Well? What's the answer. To whom should we direct the question? Maybe direct it to Maura? Good idea. Let's do it. Through the lyrics and rhythm (had to look up the spelling of it, I confess) of yet another blast-from-the-past cheesy band, Guns N' Roses (listen to the entire song if you like, but the … Continue reading Maura Murray — Where Do We Go Now?

Maura Murray — In Cars

This post is dedicated to the following excellent, but oh-so-cheesy, 80's song. It's appropriate, wouldn't you say? I'm going to paste a screen print of James Renner's recent blog post concerning the contents of Maura Murray's car entitled Reality Check. I respect the work James Renner has done on this case over the years, but … Continue reading Maura Murray — In Cars