Maura Murray — Does Oprah Winfrey Encourage & Support Rape?

In the last blog post it was revealed, for those who don't already know, that Oxygen is producing a show that will air this Fall about The Maura Murray Mystery. As I mentioned in that blog post, all The Usual Suspects were interviewed, or at least that appears to be the case from reviewing the … Continue reading Maura Murray — Does Oprah Winfrey Encourage & Support Rape?

Maura Murray — Horseshit

Oxygen Network has announced recently it will be producing a series about Maura Murray's disappearance. Here's a trailer and a link to an article discussing it. Oxygen Expands Crime Programming Slate With Projects From Ice-T, Nancy Grace & More   This is a Fucking Joke. An Exploitation. These morons from Texas Crew Productions won't approach … Continue reading Maura Murray — Horseshit

Maura Murray — The Dark Heart

His warning wasn't heeded. Here we are — living under the auspices of a not-so-clandestine Military Dictatorship pretending to be a Democratic Republic. As I promised in the last post, I've typed up a blog post at Catcher In The Lie that further details Google's nexus with The National Security State and The Military Industrial … Continue reading Maura Murray — The Dark Heart

Maura Murray — The National Security State

Did the National Security State abduct Maura Murray, or is her disappearance related to the National Security State in any way, meaning she works for it in a permanent undercover capacity or she was extinguished by it because she knew too much about one of its programs and that's why she had the shocked look … Continue reading Maura Murray — The National Security State

Maura Murray — Abducted By Aliens?

I'm seriously thinking this may be the answer to the Maura Murray Mystery. It's the only explanation that fits at this point. For those of you who have been following my coverage of the mystery surrounding Maura Murray's disappearance, you may have noticed I have removed all 53 of my blog posts (well, 52 authored … Continue reading Maura Murray — Abducted By Aliens?

Maura Murray — Turtles & Shrimp

As you are aware, I've been under significant attack from my own personal stalker or stalkers recently. I'm flattered, really. NOT!! As a result of the stalking & harassment, I've discontinued reading emails and responding to them. As well, I've discontinued commentary at this blog because my trash folder is filled to overflowing with stalking … Continue reading Maura Murray — Turtles & Shrimp

Maura Murray — Psychopaths

FYI, this topic will be part of my book that I am currently writing — True Crime, Inc. discussed in the blog post at this link. In fact, it will be the title of one of the chapters. Our Society, if it wasn't and isn't already insane, is catapulting exponentially into pure, unadulterated Collective Psychopathology and the … Continue reading Maura Murray — Psychopaths